Beauty is always the result of an accident. Of a violent lapse
between acquired habits and those yet to be acquired. It baffles
and disgusts. It may even horrify. Once the new habit has been
acquired, the accident ceases to be an accident. It becomes
classical and loses its shock value.

A work, therefore, is never perceived. It is received. If I am not mistaken, this was a remark made by Eugene Delacroix: "One is never perceived, one is received." It is a maxim frequently repeated by Matisse.

Those who actually saw the accident hasten away, overwhelmed,
unable to describe it. Those who did not see it are left to bear witness.

This opportunity to make themselves seem important provides the medium through which they express their stupidity.

The accident remains in the road, bloodied, petrified, awful in its
solitude, a prey to gossip and police reports.

Jean Cocteau