v. danced, danc·ing, danc·es
1. To move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.
a. To leap or skip about excitedly.
b. To appear to flash or twinkle: eyes that danced with merriment.
c. Informal To appear to skip about; vacillate: danced around the issue.
3. To bob up and down.
1. To engage in or perform (a dance).
2. To cause to dance.
3. To bring to a particular state or condition by dancing: My partner danced me to exhaustion.
1. A series of motions and steps, usually performed to music.
2. The art of dancing: studied dance in college.
3. A party or gathering of people for dancing; a ball.
4. One round or turn of dancing: May I have this dance?
5. A musical or rhythmical piece composed or played for dancing.

[Middle English dauncen, from Old French danser, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

dancer n.
dancing·ly adv.